How Do I ...?

Answers to common questions.

  • Gate
    • Get detailed instructions on operating the gate and obtaining access clickers, cards, and codes, click here.
    • Request a gate access code for a someone who is performing work at my house on a regular basis?
      Have the individual go to to supply the necessary information to have a code assigned.
    • Request a temporary access code for a special event (e.g. a party)?
      Fill out the Special Event Temporary Access Request form. Please do not use this form for clubhouse events since those codes are handled as part of the rental process.

  • Assessments or Estoppel Letters
    • Find out about initial or annual assessments ("dues"), set up a payment plan, or request an estoppel letter?
      Please contact

  • Clubhouse
    • Reserve the clubhouse?
      With approval by the Board of Directors, the clubhouse is available for Fawn Lake community events such as workshops and meetings at no charge. Only Fawn Lake residents may rent the clubhouse for private parties. There is a rental charge of $150 and a $300 refundable security deposit for private parties. Contact 321-383-9064 for reservations and additional details.

  • Design Review Committee
    • Get approval for the design of a new home or for modification of an exiting home?
      The Design Review Committee (DRC) is responsible for reviewing and approving all plans for new construction or modifications to existing construction. Specific design requirements and procedures are listed in the Design Review Committee Guidelines. For additional information, please contact

  • Odds & Ends
    • Contact the Board of Directors?
      The phone numbers and email addresses of the Board members are listed on the Contacts page.